Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How has this program been validated for effectiveness?
    The Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics program has been proven to work by more than a million satisfied users over the past 45 years. A 2007 study by an independent research firm found that all participants increased their reading speed, and most improved and maintained 100% comprehension.
  • What is the youngest age group that could benefit from this training?
    Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics has been successfully used by individuals from ages 9 to 90. It is designed for anyone who reads at a 6th-grade level.
  • Is this only a speed-reading program?
    In addition to increasing your reading speed, you will learn skills to help you understand what you read more thoroughly (comprehension) and remember it longer (retention).
  • How does this program determine my current reading rate?
    Reading rates can be easily calculated using formulas you will learn throughout the program. You can continue using these formulas after completing the program to measure your ongoing improvement.
  • Will this program improve or eliminate reading disorders, such as dyslexia, etc.?
    This program is designed to help readers improve speed and comprehension. It doesn't teach how to read or handle reading challenges.
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