Speed Reading with Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics

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Double, even triple, your reading rate. Even if you consider yourself a slow reader, the time-tested Evelyn Wood method's will work for you!

  • Discover separate, unique strategies for reading newspapers, magazines, reports and even technical material.
  • Enhance your ability to listen, learn, study, research, and write — using the same powerful techniques to process written and verbal information.
  • Spend less time reading and absorbing information and more time acting on it — you'll see an incredible boost in your day-to-day productivity.
The Strategic Speed-Reading Advantage for Executives & Legal Professionals

One-Day Class for Executives & Legal Professionals

Learn to easily organize, prioritize and absort volumes of information for effortlessly making critical decisions.

  • Manage the stacks of information you face every day, including financial and legal documents, technical materials, reports, proposals and competitor information, without the usual frustration and fatigue.
  • Spend your time where it matters most: decision-making, managing and brainstorming.
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The one-day course is
also available in French.

Evelyn Wood Lecture Dynamiques
Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics

Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics

The world famous speed reading program. Learn to read with purpose, strategy and flexibility while increasing your speed, comprehension and recall.

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